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Our First MADE IN USA tee October 25, 2015 15:36

The "Pizza is My Bae" tee used to be featured quite often on IG and was sold in our shop, but we were never 100% satisfied with how the tee would fit and how the material would feel.  Our new "American Apparel Pizza Is My Bae" fits great AND feels soft and smooth on your skin.  Best of all it comes from a little print shop in California, what can we say, we love our neighbours down south.  

Adidas Black Floral Trefoil Tee back in stock! October 11, 2015 20:59 1 Comment

Extremely limited supply.

Kerina's Closet Items On Sale (Adidas Sold Out) October 04, 2015 02:04 1 Comment

KERINA's CLOSET items on sale now too if you've missed out on our Adidas sale!

ADIDAS SALE THIS WEEKEND! October 02, 2015 17:22

All Adidas are on sale for this weekend only, lowest price possible!