About Us

Hi everyone!

If you're here from my IG or YouTube, you probably know me as Kerina Wang.  If you go waaaay back, you might remember me as MangoRabbitRabbit.  I love trying on outfits and taking pictures.  I used to take OOTD's by a simple white wall in my spare time and that inspired about 300,000 of you.

As my fashion sense evolves, so does my curation for this styles in this store.  What will stay consistent is my commitment to you! 

Being a shopaholic myself, I was super tired of being disappointed by online stores.  I wanted to let everyone trust in good clothes and good service.  I also love fashion that is trendy and affordable.  This is why I created Shop Mango Rabbit

I guess you can say, I just want to make shopping better.  To do this, we promise to be:

  • Affordable - Free shipping for orders over $50, or $85+ if outside USA.  Want a coupon?  Just say hi to us :)
  • Fast - In 2019, we are moving our main warehouse to the USA for the fast shipping at affordable rates!
  • Worry Free - We use 100% real pictures, contact us if you want a private showing of any item from the shop.  We also follow the principles of the CA supply chain transparency act.
  • Friendly - No matter your issue, we will break policy just to make you happy

Don't take my word for it, see what these real customers have to say!

And do you want to talk to me personally?  You can always reach me at KerinaMango.com or IG.

Kerina Mango