Charge Back Fraud - not worth it

Chargeback Fraud hurts every online store and all honest customers.  If we do nothing about fraud, it could freeze our entire business and we also get fined by the bank as insult to injury!  It is a nasty crime and our only choice is to report all fraudster info to:

  • FBI:
  • USPS Fraud List:
  • Our Police:
  • Your Police Department (we have your addresses) 
  • Collections to destroy your credit rating:
  • Chargeback Lawyers:
  • Chargeback Blacklists:
  • If you used your parents or friends credit card to pay, it doesn't matter, both of you will be reported
  • If you're in any kind of school/business/professional license, you will be reported to them as well
  • We have enough information to find your school, parents, friends, bank, credit card company and IP address... 

But we'd rather not do any of this!  We'd rather give you a refund, so contact us :)


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